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pb with ssh2


I install Woody + ssh2 deb on a PC. I generate coorectly some id by ssh-keygen2, the .pub is put on the remote. When i launch ssh2 on the remote, i can't see the ssh2's prompt after read password ! I can send any command ! Why ?

On the remote i launch ssh2 with "-v" option :

#debug: connecting to "remote"
#debug: entering event loop
#debug: Remote version: SSH-2.0-2.0.13
#debug: Host key found on the database
=> I take password coorectly

On the local :

#connection from "x.x.x.x"
#User root's local password accepted
#Password authentication for user xxx accepted

sshd2_config :on attach file

Thanks for your help.
Frederic Leger.

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