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Re: iptables for 1 interface pc and other questions

Op ma 20-01-2003, om 04:53 schreef Jason McCarty:
> > # this ip is used by my isp for something (don't know what) and is send every 2 minutes so i do 
> > # not even want to log this! Annoying isp. It goes to address
> > $IPT -A checkspoof -s -j DROP
> These are (IGMP I think) multicast queries asking if your computer wants
> to listen to a multicast channel. I ignore them too. I think the
> multicast network is .

I didn't know that. I just read something about those. How is one
supposed to answer to them? With a special application?

> You can take off the -o eth0 parts here, since inet_out only gets called
> by INPUT for -o eth0 anyway.

Thanks, i forgot to remove those. All done. I'll test the firewall

Benedict Verheyen
Linux 2.4.20 AMD Athlon(tm) Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

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