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Re: iptables / bridge mode

In article <3E2B294E.40805@linuxinfo.dk> josefsen@linuxinfo.dk writes:
>I needed to setup a firewall after the network was taken i production, 
>so i decided to go bridge mode in order to make the integration 
>completely transparent(except for the 30 seconds for the box to learn 
>the routing tables and 5 secs to move the plug)

Another way of doing it is a single-address proxy-arp firewall.  Like
the bridge solution, there is no need to reconfigure anything but the
firewall.  Unlike the bridge, it will show up on traceroutes.

I've got a production single-address proxy-arp firewall with about 200
systems behind it (incoming connection is a t3) on 5 segments.

At some point, I should write it up as a mini-howto.  Using the ip
command to control the details of interface configuration and routing
is the main unusual thing.
Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
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