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Re: iptables for 1 interface pc and other question

On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 01:24:13PM +0000, Jamin W. Collins wrote:

Thanks Jamin for your answers.

>Your script only works with one of the three default tables (filter),
>there are two others (nat and mangle).

Yes, but as i understand i don't need to add rules to the nat and mangle table to stop incoming traffic unless i want to stop it earlier as you say (prerouting). So my output should be changed by mangle-output and my input by
mangle-prerouting to have the earliest result?

>I would include the other two tables and make use of them.  Unwanted
>traffic should be stopped at the earliest opportunity.  Which would be
>the PREROUTING chain in the mangle table.
See above

Do i need to specify both udp and tcp for most of the services i have listed?


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