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Re: Multiple nics on inside of DMZ


On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 01:55:59PM -0600, Miller, Jeff - x3328 wrote:
> A weird addition I came up with involves having several nics on the 'DMZ
> side' of either firewall. All machines within the DMZ would be multihomed,
> with two point-to-point networks ( subnet) connecting it to
> both firewalls.

be shure to set up appropriate host routes, and it should work. maybe
you need proxy_arp to route between the hosts within the dmz, and you
have to choose a gateway for this (which may be a single point of
failure in your specific setup).
> Although I'm new to netfilter I haven't found anything that will keep this
> idea from working. 

It's more a routing problem then netfilter...

thought about putting a local firewall on every system within the DMZ?

Frederik Schüler

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