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IP accounting with ipac-ng

Hi All,

Trying to setup some IP accounting with ipac-ng.  I'm running a small
LAN (around 30 clients) and I'd like to count how much internet traffic
each LAN client uses.

I've looked at all the alternatives I could find (ntop and iptraf being
the closest to what I want) but I think the one that suits best is
ipac-ng.  My setup is as follows:

- LAN of approximately 30 clients

- Internet gateway running Debian 3.0 with a custom built 2.4.18 kernel

- Iptables firewall on the gateway with IP masquerading in both

- Ipac-ng running on the gateway

So I've installed the ipac-ng debian package and it works, but I'm a
little dismayed at the lack of good documentation.  I want to do
accounting for every machine on my LAN, some Googling brought me to this


# for total traffic, eth0 is the external interface

Total Traffic Incoming|in|eth0|all||
Total Traffic Outgoing|out|eth0|all||

# for each client, is the gateway

LAN Client 3 Downloads|in|eth0|all|!|
LAN Client 3 Uploads|out|eth0|all||!

... and so on.  Problem is, only the totals work, ipacsum gives me
zeroes for all client statistics.  I'm not so confident about the above
rules, can anyone clarify or correct me?  Also, does anyone know of some
good documentation for the ipac-ng package (free or otherwise)?  The web
scripts that are installed with the deb package don't work for me
either, even after extensive messing around.

Any advice anyone?  Thanks in advance.



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