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Re: IP accounting with ipac-ng

Hi All,

Apologies for replying to my own post, I left something out.

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 12:27:33PM +1100, Lucas Barbuto wrote:
> So I've installed the ipac-ng debian package and it works, but I'm a
> little dismayed at the lack of good documentation.  I want to do
> accounting for every machine on my LAN, some Googling brought me to this
> solution...
> ipac.conf:
> #
> # for total traffic, eth0 is the external interface
> #
> Total Traffic Incoming|in|eth0|all||
> Total Traffic Outgoing|out|eth0|all||
> #
> # for each client, is the gateway
> #
> LAN Client 3 Downloads|in|eth0|all|!|
> LAN Client 3 Uploads|out|eth0|all||!

I think it should be this:

LAN Client 3 Downloads|in|eth0|all||
LAN Client 3 Uploads|out|eth0|all||

Which reads (to me) log all traffic coming in on eth0 from anywhere
destined for (and the reverse for the uploads rule).  But this
is different to the two solutions I found on groups.google.com.

I think the above way should work, shouldn't iptables be smart enough to
handle the dnat-ing and snat-ing?



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