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Basic firewall questions

I have a small home network with several machines running woody.  One
of these is used as a NAT masquerading router connected to my DSL modem.

I have run small home networks with 2.0 and ipfwadm and 2.2 with
ipchains, but I have now upgraded my router to the 2.4.18 kernel.  This
involved changing from ipchains to iptables.  I have ipmasq and
iptables installed and things appear to be working well, but in
studying the IP-Masquerade-HOWTO, I get confused, as what it discusses
appears to be significantly different from how a Debian system is

For instance, I would like to forward a few ports from my router to a
more powerful machine on the network (intuitively I feel that a
firewall box should not also function as a server).  In the HOWTO it
mentions how to set up port forwarding by adding some IPTABLES
statements in /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall, but this file does not exist.  

Is there an equivalent configuration file in Debian?  I tried creating
a new file in /etc/ipmasq/rules to contain the same statements, but
that does not work.  I am sure that it is possible, but haven't yet
found the magic token enabling me to accomplish this.

The comments in etc/default/iptables about not using the init.d script
which iptables provides leave me somewhat confused, as well.

I also saw that there are several other packages which handle
firewalls, such as ferm, firewall-easy and fwbuilder.  Do these
co-exist with ipmasq or replace it?  Any recommendations?

Is there any specific user-level documentation available describing
firewall/router setup for Debian?


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