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Firewal Setup

I am looking for ideas on firewalling a host. It will be providing a few
external services (ftp,www,ntp,mail). I have an existing system
firewalling our lan, and have an extra nic in it for a DMZ. I would like
to make an nfs read only mount available to the lan as well. I was
thinking either 
A) Private IP, assign Real IP to existing firewall DNAT needed ports to
B) Public IP, but on DMZ. existing firewall has alias for the public IP,
and DNATs specific ports back to real system. Default route on the
server is set to existing firewall to allow nfs mount requests.

Any other options? Advantages/Disadvantages?

Sean McAvoy
Network Analyst
Megawheels Technologies Inc.
Phone: 416.360.8211
Fax:   416.360.1403
Cell:  416.616.6599

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