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Re: centralize passwords

El mié, 26-06-2002 a las 13:20, Erick Lopez Carreon escribió:
> Hello: 
> I am looking for the best way to centralize passwords
> of my network, I need: 
> - To centralize the access to the maquinas nix of the
> network, I have read something of NIS and of PAM to
> use shadow this I call passwords to him of the system
Do i know u??? Well neways...
NIS was designed for this but does have some shortcommings...id use it
though.... Also, if its a simple need you can use webmin's "cluster"
capability which allows you to (asynchronically) synchronize [heh]
passwd files between servers.

> - That the passwords of the users win of the server
> samba are sincronizen better with those of smbpasswd
> and even with those of shadow
Yeah....as far as i can tell you can do this too....check the samba
howtos included in woody's samba/samba-doc packages
> - That squid autentifique and that the pairs
> usuario/password are sincronizen or are the same ones
> of the system, since normally a user with a mail
> account also has access to the Internet at the moment
> use authentication NCSA
No problem.....squid authentificates against practically everything
known to man.... specially, if youve syncronized to samba, you can use
the smb_auth auth module which ive used extensively. 

Also, you can centralize most of what you say to a mysql backend by pam
and have everything auth there....not to mention (because i dont know
squat about them) the ldap posibilities....you chose three (smb,passwd
and squid) very well supported thingies if you need flexibility in
password storage/auth. 
> Some idea?
> Thanks in advance.
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