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Re: OT - strange email

This is what happens when Korean spammers get drunk/high.
Anyone who believes he was in a "US Army SWAT team," I have some
deeds to the "Brooklyn Bridge" to sell you.


On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 03:46:21PM +0800, Julia Nevols wrote:
> This email, originally intended for your mailing list is doing the rounds of cyberspace.
> Do you have any information on what its about or why it has been mailed around to people unrelated?
> >
> >   I am not sure what this has to do with debian  firewall but somebody
> >felt that it was necessary to cry out for help...so please  everybody if
> >you can...help this poor person.....I recommend prozac!! 
>   ----- Original
> >Message -----  From: Kim chulmin   To: debian-firewall@lists.debian.org  
> >Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 1:33 PM Subject: Help me 
> >   You're not going to believe what's happening  to me now.
> >someone is doing an experiment on me.
> >I mean an  experiment on a living creature.   it's kind of hard to explain
> >this  situation.   Base: liquid  thing interacting with human body in itself.
> >1. they raise some  koreans(about 20) and put liquid thing into their body.
> >2. Using satellite,  they located korean's liquid thing around me and also
> >put liquid thing  
> >    into my body, also liquid thing in my body is interacting  with that
> >korean's liquid thing.   can you believe this? 
> >please, trust me  !!! (served in US Army as SWAT team).
> >maybe next time i can explain  more details about this situation.   I am
> >sending a help mail to many people, but i  think that
> >my uni. of Hanyang uni. in seoul of south korea is most  important.
> >  to me.  (name: Kim chulmin, student# : 91007940, department :  industrial
> >engineering)
> >    korean. http://kr.geocities.com/wbxrose  -- To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to 
> >debian-firewall-request@lists.debian.org with a subject of "unsubscribe". 
> >Trouble? Contact listmaster@lists.debian.org  

To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to debian-firewall-request@lists.debian.org
with a subject of "unsubscribe". Trouble? Contact listmaster@lists.debian.org

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