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Re: Again, Firewall Public IP's?

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002 13:11:35 +0200
"Stephan Balmer" <stephan@sense.asit.ch> wrote:
> ...
> But yet another question:
> AFAIK routers don't really like private addresses, it sounds tricky to
> convince the router and the firewall to route traffic for a public 
> network through a private one...
> Will they figure it out themselfes or do I need to kick them to do it?

Unless they are specifically configured to not like private addresses, I
don't see why they shouldn't. As far as I know, those addresses are
private by convention, not by some algebraic or physical reason.

> ... (/me heaves a stack of cisco books on his desk)

I think I'll follow your example this weekend. I still have to convince
that damned router to accept connections from outside...

Carlos Sousa

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