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Re: Again, Firewall Public IP's?

> You want the same, public, IP address on BOTH the router AND the
> Debian-box? That'll be fun to watch... :)
Yep, that's why I asked. 
But hmmm, I couldn't tell the debian box to use router x.x.x.2 as 
gateway if it has an interface with the same address...
ok, I probably better change one IP :))

> > Another way would be to turn the firewall into a router and use
> > private IPs for the network between Firewall and router. So 
> > 1 of the firewall gets and the routers interface
> > This is not prefered since I don't like messing with that router.
> That's the setup I use, and it works like a charm (with proper 
> configuration). But perhaps you don't have to resort to private
> addresses, don't you have a couple left from the class C pool?
Hm, I sure have two free addresses, but then I would have to subnet our 
Class C net, which is not what I want...
Or did I misunderstand? I thought to get the router-firewall and the 
router to route my packets, the connection between them has to be in 
another subnet than mine. Because for a router there's nothing to route 
if his interfaces are connected to the same IP-subnet.

> > All answers are welcome, thank you
> I'm just a hobbyist sysadmin, with the opportunity of playing around a
> bit in a semi-production environment, so perhaps somebody else would
> have a better suggestion.
> Good luck.

Stephan Balmer

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