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Re: NAT and H323

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Kálmán Czibók wrote:

> I work a multi-place wide network with windows clients, firewalling
> Debian. My problem is to solve pass through the firewall H323 protocol
> or any other video conferencing uses 3 ports (video,audio,commands)
> the best way is Netmeeting. I use NAT. I have read the simple NAT
> doesnt support the H323 protocol. Is there person who can give me the
> simplest way to solve this problem. I think the one way could be an
> internal microsoft proxy server what shares internet access between
> the internal machines and pass the appropriate ports to internal
> proxy. But I know this is not the best solution. I want to solve this
> with only Linux. Note I never worked this yet.  Pls. give me the best
> solution if you have one.

In the iptables cvs in patch-o-matic you can find a H.323 helper. It is
simple, but for simple cases it works well.

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