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Re: [OT] Cable modem problem solved with hub

Sounds plausible to me.

To test your theory:

Try putting a different NIC in your FW.

And try putting the accused NIC in another box and connecting
that to the CM.

> The theory now is that something is broken on the ethernet level,
> something that won't show up in an IP packet sniffer. Either the CM or
> the NIC on my FW is flaky and they can't cope with oneanother. The hub
> sorts it out by not reproducing signals exactly as they come in. The
> hub is somehow mending bad ethernet packets. Note that 
> CM - R - FW - LAN 
> worked fine too. So my theory also states that the router does the
> same ethernet packet mending as the hub.
> Is this all plausible? Any ethernet wizards out there that can help me
> get to the bottom of this?
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