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Re: Fw: Wiadomo¶æ nie mog³a byæ dostarczona

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Jakub Jankowski wrote:

> On 2001-12-19, Ryan White wrote:
> > Why do I get this message EVERY time I post to this list. Is it some
> > kind of vacation thing? Is anyone else getting this?
> Here goes the translation of message you have shown:
> "Sorry, but your message with subject "Re: UDP NAT [Nat to DNS
> Server]" could not be delivered to the recipient ("Tomek Zubilew"
> <lincek@ahoj.pl>). It is caused because his/her quota got exceeded,
> try again later"
> Looks like you're getting bounces from ahoj.pl's mailer-daemon.

*And* because the list is not configured to have the mail messages sent
from it to have the "Sender" header pointing to the list. Thus bounce
messages don't go to the list messages (who may do something useful with
them, like unsubscribe) but annoy the original message sender.

Tzafrir Cohen

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