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Re: Why all these unclean packets?

Dans un message du 01 Dec à 15:58, mdevin@ozemail.com.au écrivait :
> I appologise upfront for my ignorance on this matter.  But how do you
> apply such a patch?

You go to your kernel source directory (eg. /usr/src/linux) and run
patch -p1 < path_of_the_patch. Anyway, this patch should be in 2.4.17,
so you might want to wait if you don't want to play with patches.

> Thanks for the info.  I am glad that it is not something that I have
> done wrong to cause these.  I did only start to notice them after
> upgrading to the 2.4.14 kernel from 2.4.4 - and I didn't change my
> iptables rules in between.

That is normal. Before 2.4.7, the unclean target matched all packets as
clean *sigh*

Guillaume Morin <guillaume@morinfr.org>

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