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Re: mailserver problem.

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, shoeb wrote:

> I'm using deb linux 2.2 and ipchains is running ,i was upgrading  this
> by woody ,after that my m/c going slow and sendmail and pop3 servers
> giving intermittent problem to send and receive mails.Plz up-date me
> where i go to solve

This is quite a vauge description. Please give us more information.

Which mail server? which pop3 server? What versions?

Do you have the same problems when connecting from localhost?

Just in case you don't have local pop3 client, feed those commands one at
a time:

telnet localhost 110
USER shoeb
PASS secret

How about other types of connections? FTP? HTTP?

Where is the problem: a delay when establishing a connection or simply a
slow connection?

Tzafrir Cohen

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