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AW: Help I am getting frustrated

Hi !

>Any idea how I get rid of this? After I flushed ipchains this appeared
to go

Well, when you flush the iptables ruleset then no rule logs.

>Well I think I am a step closer in diagnosing the problem but I still
>some help. When I connect to my ISP the ISP's IP address is printed to
>log file. I can ping that IP address and all works fine. However, when
I try
>to ping my ISP's nameserver IP it fails. I think I might have a name
>resolution issue.

at first do not try using any iptables rules at setting up your
flush iptables, dial in, then have a look what 'route -n' says.
you should have an extra route.

perhaps also post the output of 'ifconfig ppp0' or ippp0 if you are
using isdn.
i'd open my system everywhere to config my internet-connection.
afterwards you may close everything again.

:o) Martin

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