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Re: Virus Checking on Firewall

Hi Chad!

On 26 Sep 2001, at 9:50, Chad Morgan wrote:

> I was wondering what the best way (if any) of stopping email viruses
> through a firewall.

1) Setup qmail as mail-relay on the firewall (check qmail-scanner page for 
additional QUEUE-patch).
2) Install and setup a virusscanner (see list on qmail-scanner page)
3) Install qmail-scanner http://qmail-scanner.sourceforge.net/

> a) there is a way to scan all files that pass through the firewall

Every mail handelt by the smtp-relay will be scanned.

> b) possibly block out certain types of files but I don't really like 
> this idea because it will block out legitimate attachments too.

Yes qmail-scanner can that (tracking on filetypes, subject ...)

> c) if anyone has a better idea.

No. Probably the transparent proxy-suite including virusscanning in
Linuxwall.de or the InterScan VirusWall from TrendMicro but both are not free 

bye Josef
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