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Re: firewall scripts

Indeed, I would suggest not to use the debian package, it's too old, and
use only the last version.
Anyway, you only have to install some Perl modules, in the standard way.
Port forwarding works like a charm in 0.28.


                    Tzafrir Cohen                                                                                   
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                                          Subject:     Re: firewall scripts                                         

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001 gnotari@linkgroup.it wrote:

> A really great tool, though limited to the ipchains interface, is Fwctl.
> Much better than scripts, in my opinion.
>  http://indev.insu.com/Fwctl/

There is also a debian package. You may find it a bit limiting (it orders
the rules on its own, and there are times when you would simply like to
insert a simple ipchains rule, but can't).

Other issues: port forwarding is quite broken with the debian potato
version (and the woody version doesn't seem to have the right version of
the perl ipchains module). Their mailing list is not very vivid.

But apart from that it is a rather convinient program.

Tzafrir Cohen

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