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Re: firewall scripts

At 9:40 +0200 9/16/01, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>On Sat, 15 Sep 2001 gnotari@linkgroup.it wrote:
>> A really great tool, though limited to the ipchains interface, is Fwctl.
>> Much better than scripts, in my opinion.
>>  http://indev.insu.com/Fwctl/
>There is also a debian package. You may find it a bit limiting (it orders
>the rules on its own, and there are times when you would simply like to
>insert a simple ipchains rule, but can't).
>Other issues: port forwarding is quite broken with the debian potato
>version (and the woody version doesn't seem to have the right version of
>the perl ipchains module). Their mailing list is not very vivid.
>But apart from that it is a rather convinient program.
Which debian package do you mean? ( What is the name of it ? )

Groet Geert Stappers
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