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Re: need iptables firewall

* Antropov Anton (dicobraz@mail.ru) [010912 21:09]:
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> From: James B. Wilkinson [mailto:jimmy@CS.cofc.EDU]
> Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 8:39 AM
> To: debian-firewall@lists.debian.org
> Subject: need iptables firewall
> > Could somebody point me to where I should start reading?
> I'll try to help. When I came to the new job, I started Debian from the zero
> point.
> But I liked it from the very beginning. And that's why - almost all
> documentation
> I ever needed is located in /usr/share/doc/HOWTO. Try it and probably you'll
> find it useful.
> > It looks like I need to know how to replace a kernel ...
> This is not a very difficult task at all as its details fully described in
> "kernel howto".
> All you need is to obtain kernel source from kernel.org,
> configure it (see howto's and built-in help) using one of three frontends
> (make config or make menuconfig or make xconfig (or some kind of it - not
> sure,
> see howto)). Then you need to upgrade 2 libraries - modutils (to v.2.4.6-2)
> and
> util-linux ( to v.2.10s-1) if you are going to use modules. These ones are
> available in debs on debian.org. (I found them there :)

It's even easier than that! On woody, a simple apt-get install
kernel-image-2.4.9 should do it for you. My strong recommendation to you
is to fire up dselect, take a few minutes to read the help screens
whenever they pop up (and whenever you need it) because it's admittedly
not the most intuitive. Select kernel-image-2.4.9 from there and watch
that it tells you that you need to upgrade the packages Antropov
mentioned. After that you can also select iptables and whatever else you
might find useful (netcat, nmap, etc.) and deselect things you might not
want like telnetd. When you're all finished, tell it to install and
you'll have a working customized system and a much better knowledge of
how the packaging system works and of some of the dependencies of some
of your more important packages. It won't be trivial, but it will be
worth it.

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