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Re: port 80 filtered

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Roger Keays wrote:

>  On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Joe Hu wrote:
> > Recently I found out that port 80 of my cable-modem-enabled debian box is
> > filtered by my broadband provider. Nap shows the following:
> >
> > 80  filtered    top    http
> >
> > I cannot connect to my apache server using default port 80, although other
> > ports, like 8080 works. I wonder if there's any way to make port 80 open to
> > the outside.

> I have the same problem. Tunnelling is an option (as suggested in a
> previous post), but I am beginning to think that apache's mod_rewrite will
> do a better job.
> My idea is to run apache (port 80) on a friends machine and mod_rewrite
> all the url's to point to port 8080 on my machine. That way users can
> enter in easy urls, and my friend doesn't have to pay for (much) of the
> extra traffic generated.

Why not simply publish the URL http://your_machine:8080/ instead of the
URL http://your_machine/ ?

BTW: I would use port 81 or some other free port below 1024 , to make sure
that simple user processes won't cause any problems.

Tzafrir Cohen

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