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different drawings/representations of this setup...

Hi all-

I have been looking at the list archives today and am getting ready to
embark on my little trip.  Here is what is gonna happen for me.  I will be
getting 5 additional IPs probably later this week and have one static IP now
with a debian stable box happily doing firewalling to my internal network. 
I have a dsl through pacbell but I don't use PBI.  I have a static IP
address now.  What I want to do is add a third nic to the firewall box,
build another box and use it for the webserver.  I have seen a good deal of
drawings on the list about different methods for doing this and am still
collecting archived email on it.  My proposed setup seems rather simple
since its mainly:

--internet----firewall-------------hub-------private lan
	       dmz webserver
	       on separate IP

The dsl line is given by an alcatel modem which is nothing more (or less)
than a ethernet device which takes phone signals and passes them down the

The firewally box possesses one IP, the webserver would possess another
static IP.  Since I will not have more than the webserver initially, I will
probably use a cross over cable from the third nic on the firewall box to
the webserver.

So...  If anyone has done drawings, I welcome them.  I made a few drawings
in dia to get an idea about what it would look like.  The firewall box is
now running debian stable on a 2.2.19 kernel that I compiled.

Thanks for any locations of diagrams, regular ideas, etc :)

Michael Perry

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