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Proxy arp or bridge ?


I am supposed to set up a firewall for ~ 60 PC's belonging to a part of a 

As far as I have understood there are (at least) 2 possibilities for such a 
- Use proxy arp, and set a route for every PC behind the firewall
- Configure the firewall as bridge

I would prefer the proxy arp solution, but this would imply to set up 60 
routes, if I am correct. Would this be a performance problem ?
The firewall will be a pentium 133, with 2Intel Ether Express cards.

So, my question:

- Any opinions about which would be the best (easy to setup and maintain) 
most secure or fastest (in terms of network speed) solution ?

- Is there an easier solution then to set up a route for every ip, when the 
ip's are part of a larger subnet and not continuous ?
And how will performane decrease as a function of the number of routes ?

Any hints apprechiated.


Daniel Faller
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