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Re: Adding a 2nd NIC to create a DMZ

If you only have one NIC now you don't have a firewall. You have a router.
I guess your setup is like so:

 "firewall" - hub - LAN
        Internet via DSL

With this setup you won't have any firewall functionality at all since
your LAN and the Internet is on the same physical network.

What you might want is this:

       Internet via DSL - firewall - hub  - LAN

To get this you'll have to have two NICs in the firewall.
Then you're in a position where you can actually block packets from entering 
your network.

If you, on top of all these wonders, want a DMZ, you'll need three NICs.

       Internet via DSL - firewall - hub  - LAN

The DMZ is just another subnet, with a different set of rules, usually less 
strict than those for the LAN.

Check out these links.


On Thursday 14 June 2001 15:27, Michael Boyd wrote:
> My firewall machine currently has just one NIC with the driver installed
> when I originally installed Debian using dbootstrap.  I don't understand

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