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Re: ipchains-question about blocking services


albi wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to help to setup a simple firewall for a box which serves
> internet for a small office, the box only needs to give access from the
> outside for ssh and smtp, samba should be blocked, and apart from that
> people should of course be able to use the internet for browsing.

Are you using Masquerading to access internet from your intranet? Since 
it is a "small office", I guess the answer is yes. In this case, you
access you internal boxes from internet. You can try Port Forwarding but
am not sure it works and this will be more tricky to configure than

If you DO have real internet address, check the routing rules.

> Can someone point me to a simple ipchains-setup which just does
> block "everything" except ssh and smtp ?

Did you check the ipchains HowTo? I think you could find what you want.


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