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ipchains-question about blocking services


I'm trying to help to setup a simple firewall for a box which serves
internet for a small office, the box only needs to give access from the
outside for ssh and smtp, samba should be blocked, and apart from that
people should of course be able to use the internet for browsing.

Because i find ipchains and firewalling pretty difficult i tried the
software called "firestarter", version 0.7.0, it compiled fine on
the potato-box here (where i wanted to test the software, in this
case blocking everything except ssh and smtp from the outside), 
and after making a setup with it, it starts fine, with ipchains -L i can 
that it does a lot, and looking at the script it produced it looks like 
it does not block ssh and smtp from the outside work.

However, when i try to login another box through the internet, a box
where i normally login, i can see that the incoming ssh to my box is 
not coming through.

So, what am i doing wrong here ?

Can someone point me to a simple ipchains-setup which just does 
block "everything" except ssh and smtp ?

Thanks in advance.

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