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Re: Firewall in an internet-caffe


first of all, I must admit that I also underestimated you when I
read your first mail, but the second already showed that you are
only a bit insecure if your knowledge is correct, which I think is
not necessarily bad.

> For example: do I understand 'router'
> corectly? Does 'routing' mean passing through? 
Well, a router is a machine that accepts packets from one network and takes 
care that it finds its way to its destination host.
What you describe (looking at port numbers etc) is the function of
the firewall, but very often both these functions are united in one

> What do You mean saying 'interface'? (this word has many meanings)
A network interface is usually directly associated with a Network
Interface Card and is assigned a unique IP-adress.
So one machine can have several Cards and thus several IP-adresses.

> Now it's like this:
>                       C C  C
>                       | | /         C  - computer with windows
> +--------+           /---\-C        S1 - mandrake with www/dns/ftp/mail
> |Provider|-----------|HUB|-C        S2 - mandrake with shell accounts
> +--------+    /\     \---/-S1
>         (Cable to hub)    \S2

I think what you could also do is put an ethernet bridge, which can be
a linux box, in between the hub and the provider.
Such a bridge doesn't even need an IP-adress, only if you want to be
able to ssh into it.
Technically spoken, a bridge is just an intelligent cable which is
able to understand IP and throw away all that is undesired.

> What's so special in SourceForge? Almost every project I hear about is
> being maintained there.
They offer free webspace, ftp-access and most important of all CVS
for the development so that even people with no access to an
internet server can use it to coordinate their programming efforts.

> > Or perhaps not ... your more recent comments indicate a greater
> > breadth of knowledge than I inferred from your first message.
> I became red reading this ;)
You have to be able to stand the truth...

Ciao, Arne.
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