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Re: mail server doing local delivery only for extra security

Was unclear and misleading here in my last message, so I'll explain my

> Local delivery agents deliver on the local machine, so it is very odd,
> an SMTP server would be required for at(1), I thought it used a command
> mailer to do the delivery.

Which in fact underneath probably runs /usr/lib/sendmail, so maybe the
package system is telling you it needs an MTA (SMTP server), because of this
dependance.  A way round this, is to make a wrapper for local delivery
agent, with compatible calling to whatever the command line mailers are
using (/usr/lib/sendmail is traditional), and then use a local delivery
agent, which normally procmail under Linux, and /bin/mail on UNIX.

Easier still to install it and simply not run the daemon, as said previously
connecting to an SMTP server as a client, is not a significant security


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