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mail server doing local delivery only for extra security

This may seem an odd question but here goes:
I am setting up a firewall for my home network running Debian 2.2.  From
what I can tell, I have to have a mail server install for the "at" program to
work.  I currently have exim installed and configured to do local delivery
only (the only thing I need it to do is to deliver messages for root to
another userid on the same box).
	Now, this got me thinking.  While I have exim configured for local
deliveries only, and my firewall rules will be set up to ensure that the
mailserver is not accessed from the outside, it seems like the ideal option
is to have a mailserver setup that ONLY does local delivery (incapable of
doing deliveries off the box, regardless of the configuration).  Maybe I 
am paranoid, but this seems even safer.  Does anyone know if there is such a
	Also, how important is having the "at" program?  I don't know if I
need it.  Maybe I should just remove the at program and then the mailserver
software alltogether.

Bryan Walton

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