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ipmasqadm portfw

check out the list archives on www.debian.org

I recall its something to do with ICMP redirects, or a similar concept.

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I built a linux firewall with a kernel 2.2.17 (debian potato).
I try to use ipmasqadm portfw to forward the external machine www port to
the internal server with this command:
- ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L $EXTADDR 80 -R 80
I used a completly open ipchains configuration with masquerade for the
internal network. I also enabled ipforwarding.
When I connect to the external address from an Internet machine, I obtain
the correct forwarding to the internal address, but when I try to connect
from one of the internal computer ( with a browser it response
that is 'Unable to connect the remote host!".
Can anyone explain me what is the problem?

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