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additional question Re: strange nat behaviour (solved)

my question is "why is this necessary?"
I have several Debian(stormix-hail) firewall/gateway servers running through
DSL and all of them have a MTU 1500.  none of them have the problems that
you all seem so familiar with.  they all work beautifully like Debian should
is this something (lame) with pppoe (which i do not use)?  and if so, why do
people allow their ISP's to force them to use pppoe?


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From: Michel Decima <papa.pop@free.fr>
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Sent: Monday, May 07, 2001 4:55 PM
Subject: strange nat behaviour (solved)

> Hello again,
> Because everybody has guessed it, I must acknoledge that I'm using DSL
> pppoe. And, of course, it was a MTU problem : With the magic pppoe
switch -m
> 1412, everything is working fine.
> Thank you all.
> Michel.
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