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Re: Proxy ARP.

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 04:31:14PM +0200, Lars Hallberg wrote:
> Hello
> I am setting up a kernel 2.4 machine as a router/fw. I have used a 
> 2.0 kernel before and then I added proxy arp statment by hand. 

I finaly got manualy arp cache to work. Had to add a arp statment 
for every IP number.

My setup look like this

___________      ______
|  ISPs   |      |    |
| router  |--eth1| fw |eth0---hub---network (x.x.x.1-254)
|x.x.x.250|      |    |
-----------      ------

The ISPs router do route directly to each computer on the network and 
each computer on the network use x.x.x.250 as gw. both interface on 
the fw is promiscues. The ISPs router, nor the computers on the network 
know the fw ip-number (or about its existanse).

This means the fw is instaled without changing anithing in the ISPs 
router (wich is a pain) or on all the computers on the network (wich 
is allot of work).

Seams to work OK but:

  o Do anyone se a problem with this setup?

  o Isn't the arp-cach suposed to be automatic in this cases for 
    forwarded IP adresses. It is aperently not in my setup :-/

The router use kernel 2.4.2 by the way.

TIA /Lars

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