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Re: -m in iptables???

Ax <ax@capitol.cz> wrote:

>> Is it just me or is it missing?

>I've found this in 'man iptables' (line 279+), hope this helps ;)

It took me quite a while to come across the handy search function in man and
less and probably others (dselect comes to mind), I guess you found the
relevant section using this method?

hit / and then type the your search string. You might even be able to use
regular expressions, I'm not sure. Anyway, it should scroll to the first
occurance and highlight. Hitting / and enter (no search string) will search
for the previously searched string, so you get the next match.

typing /-m and enter would have found your -m option in short order.

Tom Parker - tom@carrott.org
           - http://www.carrott.org

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