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Re: -m in iptables???

Dne po 23. duben 2001 13:11 Lars Hallberg napsal(a):
> Hello
> I ben reading Linux 2.4 Packet Filtering HOWTO and the iptables
> manpage. In the howto and elsewhere the -m option is used, but I can't
> find what it means. Not in the howto, nether in the manpage.
> Is it just me or is it missing?
> If it´s missing, do someone know what it means?

I've found this in 'man iptables' (line 279+), hope this helps ;)

       iptables can use extended packet matching modules.   These
       are  loaded in two ways: implicitly, when -p or --protocol
       is specified, or with the -m or --match options,  followed
       by  the  matching  module name; after these, various extra
       command line options become available,  depending  on  the
       specific  module.  You can specify multiple extended match
       modules in one line, and you can  use  the  -h  or  --help
       options  after  the  module  has been specified to receive
       help specific to that module.
       The following are included in the base package,  and  most
       of  these  can  be preceded by a !  to invert the sense of
       the match.



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