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Re: Routing problem...

Not all DSL connections require PPPoE.  

With my provider, both at work, and at a user's home we have SDSL connections.  The router we were provided works as if it were a real ethernet router.  I just plug in a cable, configure my ip addresses and go.  With this service I have not needed to use pppoe, nor mess with MTUs.


On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 09:55:13AM -0600, Robert Guthrie wrote:
> I'm not going to tell you how to configure the routing of the firewall, as 
> I've never done it, but I will give you a very important tip for 
> configuring you DSL connection.
> First, you'll likely need the pppoe package.  Install it first.  The 
> instructions in /usr/share/doc/pppoe will tell you to edit a few files 
> related to network connections.  Go ahead and do what they say, but keep 
> in mind that you need to migrate those changes into the new way of doing 
> things (namely using /etc/network/interfaces for configuring your ethX and 
> ppp0 devices).
> Note one very important thing with regards to pppoe and masquerading: you 
> MUST set all computers on your private network ( to have their 
> network cards' MTU set to 1452.  This is done under linux with the command 
> "/sbin/ifconfig eth0 mtu 1452.  I'd recommend putting this in 
> /etc/network/interfaces. Here's an example of my entry for one of the 
> MASQed computers (address
> iface eth0 inet static
>     pre-up /sbin/ifconfig eth0 mtu 1452
>     address
>     netmask
>     broadcast
>     network
>     gateway
> Read up on "man interfaces" and "man ifup" and "man ifdown" to see how 
> this works; in the future, all network devices will use these commands and 
> configuration files to deal with network devices.
> For windows, you have to edit the registry to change this value.  If you 
> have Microsoft machines to configure, let me know and I'll send a mail 
> from home explaining how to do this (I don't remember the exact entry, so 
> I'll have to boot into windows and look at it).
> Much of this is mentioned in the DSL HOWTO, but it's not emphasised enough 
> for people like me who tend to skim over documents.
> Good luck!
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