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Re: 2 Nic cards

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 12:35:11PM -0600, Robert Guthrie wrote:
> On Saturday 03 March 2001 09:48 pm, Eileen Orbell wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am building a debian firewall box as a senior project.  What is the
> > best way to install and config 2 Nic cards (PCI Linksys)  Would I
> > install one before I install Debian?  Then install the other or probe
> > for both during the install?  Any other things I need to consider.
> >
> > Thanks
> One thing that may help you out is the pciutils package.  They will give 
> you nice formatted data on what is plugged into the pci bus.  Very usefull 
> for diagnosing problems with any pci hardware, as well as figuring out 
> what i/o addresses devices are being given.

Good advice.  I was once bit by a PCI NIC which kept getting IRQ 0
assigned which made it quite useless for transferring data.

One thing I haven't yet seen mentioned is that the interfaces will be
assigned in MAC address order; eth0 will have a "lower" MAC address
than eth1.  So it's ok to install both cards right away as long as you
have a good idea which will be eth0 :)
Finally, I highly recommend the "ipmasq" package.  It's quite tunable.
OTOH if you're trying to do this all from scratch you will be
disappointed by how easy this all is with ipmasq :)

> Also, just a nit to pick: NIC = "Network Interface Card", so the phrase 
> "NIC cards" would translate to "Network Interface Card cards".   You can 
> pluralize nicely just by saying "NICs".  Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine; 
> right up there with mispellling ;-)

ATM machine
PIN number
NT Technology (check out the win2k boot screen)


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