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Re: 2 Nic cards

On Saturday 03 March 2001 09:48 pm, Eileen Orbell wrote:
> Hi,
> I am building a debian firewall box as a senior project.  What is the
> best way to install and config 2 Nic cards (PCI Linksys)  Would I
> install one before I install Debian?  Then install the other or probe
> for both during the install?  Any other things I need to consider.
> Thanks

One thing that may help you out is the pciutils package.  They will give 
you nice formatted data on what is plugged into the pci bus.  Very usefull 
for diagnosing problems with any pci hardware, as well as figuring out 
what i/o addresses devices are being given.

Also, just a nit to pick: NIC = "Network Interface Card", so the phrase 
"NIC cards" would translate to "Network Interface Card cards".   You can 
pluralize nicely just by saying "NICs".  Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine; 
right up there with mispellling ;-)

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