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Re: ipmasq and pom/poff questions

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 10:07:33AM +0000, Michael Boyd wrote:
> [snippy snip] 
> I haven't made a connection with the rebuilt machine yet but it's last
> incarnation would only allow me to make a connection with pon as root. 
> I thought this was a permissions problem but the latest issue of Linux
> Format talks about a similar problem and suggests a module/package
> (can't remember which) called ppp.0.  I can't find this though!  Any
> ideas what the problem is?  If you need details of permissions send a
> list of files and I will email them later.

if you cannot run pon/poff as root,
add yourself to the dip group, and group dialout if necessary.
haven't used ppp in ages to be honest.
man 1 adduser

If you were looking for a ppp module it would be called ppp.o not ppp.0 or
ppp.O, and it would be under /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/...

this is only an issue if ppp support is not built into your kernel, you can
insmod it 
e.g. insmod /path/to/module.o

modprobe is easier though.
e.g. modprobe module_name 

* this does not include .o
so modprobe ppp, not modprobe ppp.o

if modprobe can't find it, try running depmod -a

 - brian.

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