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ipmasq and pom/poff questions

Hello all,

My rebuild over the weekend went fine and I now have just 143 packages. 
I'm sure if I was a bit braver with dselect I could reduce that further
but won't worry too much for now.  I will start thinking about the rules
to give the FW and things to comment out of inetd(right name?) now.

When I installed the packages I answered yes to the question about
ipmasq recalculating the firewall rules when a connection is made or
dropped.  Did I make the right decision and what does this mean?

I haven't made a connection with the rebuilt machine yet but it's last
incarnation would only allow me to make a connection with pon as root. 
I thought this was a permissions problem but the latest issue of Linux
Format talks about a similar problem and suggests a module/package
(can't remember which) called ppp.0.  I can't find this though!  Any
ideas what the problem is?  If you need details of permissions send a
list of files and I will email them later.



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