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upcoming Gibraltar release (Debian-based firewall distribution)

Hi all

I was told that not everybody who is interested in firewalling with Debian is
subscribed to debian-firewall. Therefore I would like to introduce my
Debian-based firewall distribution 'Gibraltar'. It boots from a live CD-ROM and
therefore does not have to be installed on a harddisk, although the use of a
harddisk for permanently storing log-files is recommended. The system itself
runs completely from the single CD-ROM, only the config files (and possibly log
files) are stored in a ramdisk.
You can get get a (brief) description of Gibraltar as well as ISO images under

I am working on a new version of Gibraltar that should be based on kernel 2.4.x.
This should make stateful firewalling easier and firewalls quite a bit more
secure. Since Gibraltar already uses devfs, it should work without any major
problems with kernel 2.4.x. The only obstacle that is stopping me from switching
immediately seems to be the lack of IP masquerading modules. Does anybody know
when they will be ported to the netfilter framework ?
Do I have to expect any other network-related problems with kernel 2.4.x at this
stage (did anybody try 2.4.x on a heavy-duty router/firewall ? I only use it on
my development system) ? 

I invite everybody to test the first 2.4.x-based Gibraltar version when it is
ready (although I can not make any promises when this will be....).

PS: I am currently not subscribed to debian-devel.

best greets,

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