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Re: getting mail through a masq'd server times out on larger email

On Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 05:01:47PM -0500, Blaine Lee wrote:
> I just found with ifconfig that my ppp link is reporting frame errors.

Care to copy your "ifconfig -a" output to the list?

> I also am looking for where to set 'TCP Sliding window'  I don't know if this
> could be worth pursuing.

"Sliding window?"  I'm not sure what this is... anyone?  Receive Window
(RWin) I have heard of....

> All of the machines behind the masq server have the problem.  As I said the email
> worked before, although the path is now different (configured as dirrect connect,
> where it was configured as some sort of proxy).  Also since this is intermittent
> I was assuming it had to do with packets getting funneled in different order
> through the masq.  (I don't have a clue)

What about trying a client app *on* the masq server?  Its packets won't
need to pass through the masquerading code.  Give that a shot.

You may also want to copy the output of:

ipchains -n -v -L

into your response.  Beware though that this will list all your firewall
rules and your IP addresses, etc. so don't do it if that is a concern.


Jim B.

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