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Re: getting mail through a masq'd server times out on larger email

Jim Breton wrote:

> On a 2.2.x kernel you really should be using ipchains.  In fact, if I
> were you I would install the "ipmasq" package which will handle the
> firewalling and masquerading for you with a reasonably good set of
> default rules.

Done, and it looks like it is working the same as it was.

> > When I watch pppstats it appears that when netscape begins it gets full
> > bandwidth ~3k/s, then in between 5-25 sec it drops way down, usually 0
> > except for a few hits.
> Are you sure the problem is with your router?

Fairly, I just don't know what component of it is having the problem.  The linux
server was just installed to take the place of a NT server running 'NetShare'.

I just found with ifconfig that my ppp link is reporting frame errors.

I also am looking for where to set 'TCP Sliding window'  I don't know if this
could be worth pursuing.

> Have you tried the same experiment using different client machines,
> and/or from different networks (i.e., ones that do not use this machine
> as their gateway)?

All of the machines behind the masq server have the problem.  As I said the email
worked before, although the path is now different (configured as dirrect connect,
where it was configured as some sort of proxy).  Also since this is intermittent
I was assuming it had to do with packets getting funneled in different order
through the masq.  (I don't have a clue)

Finially while going over HOWTO/*/IP-MASQ* files, I seen that I should have mtu
and mru > 1500, so I just changed that back.

> Jim B.
> vader@conflict.net

Thanks for the quick help

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