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Re: ipchains rules to allow ICQ through for MASQ client?

On 11 Aug 2000, at 14:30, Fire Dragon wrote:

> I'm looking for some rules to allow ICQ through a Masq/Firewall machine. I
> think there was a mention of a ip_masq_icq module on Freshmeat once a while
> back but I'm not sure.
> Does anyone have any rules that work or pointers to more information on the
> ICQ protocol itself?
> Specifically I'm trying to get LICQ working from behind the Masq/Firewall.
> ttylz
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ipmasqadm portfw -A -h -r tcp 5500 5600 (example)

and put the intervall ports settings in ICQ 5500 to 5600.. and it's 
work (dot NOT load ip_masq_icq). (section Advanced users, in 
menu firewall)


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