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Re: CPU for firewall machine?

In message <20000810134055.A27518@tolkien.emyr.net>, Luca Filipozzi writes:
>On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 04:35:36PM -0300, John Ackermann wrote:
>[snip description of firewall with three interfaces]
>> I have a nice small box with a 486DX4/100 in it, and am wondering if that's 
>> sufficient horsepower for this sort of application, or whether I should be 
>> looking at a Pentium.
>A 486DX4/100 is plenty for this application. I use a 486SX/25 to firewall
>my house from my ADSL connection. It masq's and port forwards just fine.
>[snip stuff about 100Mbps vs 10Mbps]
>> Will there be a significant impact 
>> if the servers have to switch to 10MB mode to talk with the firewall (the 
>> internal network is all 10MB, so there's no issue on that side).
>Well, since your net connection isn't 10Mbps, I don't think it's
>a problem for you DMZ boxen to be limited to 10Mbps.

Thanks for the *very* quick response, Luca!  My concern about the NIC speed
is not for the 'net traffic (which is way slow) but rather the traffic 
passing from the internal network through the firewall to the DMZ machines 
-- at times, there may be quite a bit of it (for example, I will probably 
be backing up the servers to a tape drive on the private network).  Of course,
the bottleneck is still the 10MB speed on the internal network side, so
it probably doesn't make any difference...

Thanks again!


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