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firewall, ppp and eth.

I've setup a firewall at home using ipmasq.  I have the standard setup of one ppp
modem interface and one ethernet interface.  I now want to do a similar thing for
work but I need the system to redial the modem if it drops out.  What packages
would be recommened for this purpose that will work with ipmasq ?

Is ipmasq the recommended solution for firewalls ?

I tried playing with the gfcc package (GTK firewall control center).  Does this
package use ipmasq ?
Does it talk directly to the kernel or maybe it uses ipchains ?

Can I use gfcc with ipmasq (or other firewall type packages) or will they
conflict ?

The boss currently has a win2000 server for the modem but it doesn't do any
firewalling.  I would like to replace it with a Linux box for obvious reasons.
Maybe a nice GUI interface (gfcc) to control the firewall will convince him.  Can
the firewall be controlled remotely (eg. by SNMP) ?

Brendan Simon.

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