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Re: Socks4

With such a vague problem description, it is difficult to offer any very
specific advice.

What are you actually trying that causes you to say you "can not get a
connection with the outside world"? Typically, in a proxy server setting,
the clients cannot make ANY connections directly. Instead, the specific
Internet apps running on the client (e.g., Netscape) need to be configured
to use the proxy server. Have you done so?

Are you able to connect to (ping, for example) the proxy server itself? If
not, you have a local connectivity problem of some sort. Check the output of
"ifconfig -a" and "route -n" to make sure you are able to talk to your LAN.

More generally, check the settings on the NT desktop and see how they differ
from the ones on your Linux desktop.

At 12:20 PM 7/12/00 -0400, Honderdors, Raymond wrote:
>oke we have a socks 4 server (owned by IBM), a leased-line for the wan
> and this is my problem: I can not get a connection with the outside world
>with my my linux server :(
>plz advice
>ps a have internet on my m$ NT desktop though the same connection

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