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Re: minimal mail config for firewall?

Hello Paul 

On 15 Jun 00, at 9:42, Paul Reavis wrote:

> On a related note, does anyone have any good schemes for getting logs
> off a firewall reasonably securely, so they can show up in your email? I
> hate having to constantly log in to check them, but feel that just
> email/fetchmail out from the machine is chancy.

If you have Linux running on a 2nd machine, inside the firewall, you 
could setup the syslog.conf file on the firewall to send its log 
messages directly to the 2nd machine via udp.  Then nothing gets 
stored on the firewall.  It could boot off readonly media.

Just be careful, sending logs via udp is not secure.  Thus the 
logging machine must be inside the firewall and anybody on the 
local area network could sniff the logs if they wanted to.  Otherwise, 
I can't see any security problems with this.


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